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Achieving fitness and weight loss goals can feel daunting for many people, and this is where hiring a personal trainer comes in. Personal fitness trainers have gone through the process successfully and know the workout routine and nutrition that works for different body types, yours inclusive.

A professional personal trainer will always give you the motivation and drive you need to continue striving until you achieve your fitness goals. Considering the benefits of hiring a personal trainer and the contributions to your fitness journey, it’s an excellent way to invest in your health and well-being.

9 Reasons To Consider Hiring A Personal Trainer

1. You want to improve your fitness routine productivity

A good reason why you should consider hiring a fitness trainer is to achieve optimum productivity from your workout schedule. Your fitness trainer will help you reach your weight loss goals through modern training techniques, nutrition, and lifestyle management.

Your fitness trainer will be your accountability partner, and at the end of the contract, you will have seen results compared to when you are doing it alone.

why you need a personal fitness trainer

2. You need motivation

Personal trainers have many fitness programs they follow all through the year to keep in shape. Their lifestyle is based on fitness perfection and poise. Imagine getting hooked up to someone with passion to train and teach? You will crush and exceed your fitness targets – you get to improve rapidly and have someone to put you on your toes.

personal trainer motivation

3. You want some privacy or want to work out at home

Some people find it challenging to excel in an environment where there are many people like we have in most gyms. Several clients have explained that the reason why they don’t hit the gym is because of the embarrassment they may face as a beginner. Funny, right? But that is the truth.

However, engaging a smart and certified personal fitness trainer is perfect for this kind of situation. You will get to work out with your personal fitness trainer without feeling embarrassed or shy.

Your trainer will take you through the beginner’s guide to weightlifting. A personal trainer understands the client’s confidentiality; you will find a coach and a friend in one.

workout at home with your personal trainer

4. You don’t want to follow the crowd

Usually, anyone can hit the gym and start improving their fitness level. However, it is advisable to listen to an expert’s advice at some point. A personal fitness trainer will assess your present fitness level and recommend fitness exercises that will be customised for you. And most times, these are fitness exercises that will make it easy to quickly achieve your fitness goals. 

why you need a personal fitness trainer

5. You want to manage an injury and continue your routine

If you have any history of injuries and want to continue your fitness program, hiring a fitness trainer will help. Personal fitness trainers can help you identify what led to the muscle or tissue damage in the first place, and design an exercise routine to prevent future injuries. Your trainer will also advise if you can proceed with the workout routines or allow the injury to heal completely.

Personal trainer will challenge you

6. You’re getting bored with your regular exercise routine

Engaging in workout sessions without guidance, most times leads to boredom and burnouts. When stress and tiredness sets in, you will ditch the routine and do other things. Sometimes, you get tired of the exercise you are engaging in and slack off.

A personal fitness trainer will be there to keep you on your toes at all times by giving you different fitness challenges to overcome. For example, when you are tired and want to give up, your trainer can convince you to try one more time and give it all you have; or introduce you to a more exciting exercise routine. 

why you need a personal fitness trainer

7. You need a workout guide to start your fitness journey

Some people have never been to the gym before. If this is you and you need a place to start your fitness vision, employing the services of a fitness instructor will help you identify where to start and what precautions to take.

If you’re looking to lose weight, hiring a personal trainer at the start of your weight loss journey will allow you to build confidence, motivation and get results fast. Your personal trainer will access your present fitness level and health, go over the benefits of exercising, discuss your fitness goals and create a custom exercise routine for you.

Considering to start weight lifting to build muscle mass? Here is a beginner’s guide to weight lifting

personal trainer gives workout guide

8. You want more than just a gym instructor

A competent personal trainer is all-encompassing and offers more than gym instructors. When you are with a personal fitness trainer, you get more than just fitness lessons. Your personal trainer will be your therapist, health & wellness counsellor, and fitness coach, always looking for ways to improve your fitness level, nutrition, lifestyle and well-being. 

personal trainer is more than a gym instructor

9. You want to train for a sport or event

The expertise of an experienced personal trainer will be of great benefit if you’re into a particular sport or you want to train for an upcoming event or competition.

Whether you’re a boxer, a powerlifter, or into running, there’s likely a trainer out there who can coach and help you up to your game. Make sure you look out for specific education and certification in sports conditioning, strength training or other related fields.

Specialized personal trainers can:

  • Provide custom workouts to help you win the competition: For example, a sports conditioning trainer can help create exercise programs to strengthen the areas you need to work on while minimising wear and tear on your body.
  • Optimise your training schedule: Exercising and training are more than working out in a gym. You need to follow a well-planned schedule to achieve a specific fitness goal; this includes the exercises, diet, rest and recovery. A personal trainer will ensure you’re following a program that allows you to train optimally and get enough recovery to heal fast
train for a competition with a personal trainer

What You Should Consider In Hiring A Personal Trainer

When hiring a fitness instructor as your personal trainer, here are some things to look out for before making a decision:

1. Availability

Ask about their schedule and programs. Will the fitness trainer be available to oversee your progress? When starting a weight-loss or fitness program, you should be under a personal fitness that will be a guide in achieving your fitness goals. The moment they start getting too busy for you, it might lead to slacking and unseriousness, making it harder for you to crush your weight loss goals.

 2. The trainer’s personality

How do they pass their message across? Humans are very delicate. Some people love getting sweet words to motivate them to do a task while some trainers scream and bark their instructions to the students. Ask a question to determine if they will be right for you and your self-esteem. More importantly, do they show empathy and genuine care for you?

3. Education and certifications

The best fitness trainers have something to show to convince their clients. Ask for relevant certifications from them to decide if they are qualified or not. Education and accreditation can include a diploma or degree in exercise physiology, kinesiology, sport and exercise, or other related fields; and a CPD certification from recognised bodies.

Another essential certification to look out for in hiring a personal fitness trainer is Basic First Aid and CPR certification.

 4. Experience

Check for their areas of expertise and specialization. If you’re looking to start bodybuilding, you want to search for a trainer who is focused in this area.  If your doctor has referred you start working out to improve your heart health, I’ll recommend you look for a personal trainer who is an exercise physiologist or a cardiac exercise specialist.

5. Cost of service

You need to know what they charge before committing. Make a budget of what you can afford and compare prices around. After a few meetups, you should be able to meet a trainer that falls within your budget. However, you should be careful of over or under-pricing. Don’t pay a premium for personal trainers who don’t have the relevant experience to help you achieve your fitness goals.

6. Monitoring and Evaluation

Competent personal fitness trainers should have ways of monitoring the progress of their clients. Please, ask questions about how he will monitor and evaluate your goals – weekly or monthly. A good trainer is a good listener and will be ready to answer all your questions.

7. Pay attention to their testimonials

Word of mouth still stands as one of the surest ways to advertise or convince a prospect. When you ask around from your family, friends, or acquaintances, and they have good things to say about the prospective personal trainer, you can give it a try.

A good trainer will always be ready to point to their success stories on how they have helped people achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.

How to know if you have hired a good personal trainer

Hiring a personal trainer is good, but hiring a good personal fitness trainer is excellent and brings good rewards. Here are ways to know if you have hired an excellent personal fitness trainer:

Know a good personal trainer

1. Your trainer gives you their undivided attention

If you hire a personal fitness coach and you discover they spend more time on their devices than on you during workout sessions, then you need to start looking somewhere else. You should be on their mind anytime you are around. Just like a doctor doesn’t take their eyes off a patient until he is good, your fitness trainer should be bothered about you unless it is an emergency.

2. Your trainer knows how to motivate you

The fitness trainer should know how to encourage and motivate you to be better and to attempt challenges. If you have found a personal fitness trainer that knows exactly what to say to get you going in your fitness sessions, don’t let go.

3. Shows you exactly how to do it

Some gym instructors just assign reps and exercises to their students without knowing if they get it. A good personal fitness trainer will not only give reps but show how to do it and monitor performance for correction where necessary.

4. Shows the results of each rep

A good fitness trainer motivates his students by showing them their results if they put in the shift. For example, if they lift a dumbbell to a position, this muscle will be affected. It will motivate fitness enthusiasts to do more to achieve such results.

 5. Ask questions well

Your fitness trainer should always ask you relevant questions during the sessions to know you are on the same page. 

6. Always punctual

Being punctual to anything shows the level of dedication. If you are lucky to find a fitness trainer that shows up on time and talk you into hitting the gym early, everything else will come easy for you in your fitness journey.

Don’t let fear hold you back from achieving your fitness and weight loss goals.  Personal training offers many benefits that outweigh your worries by a long shot. Give it a trial today, and you will be proud you did.