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Compound weight lifting exercises are proven to be effective and efficient for building muscles fast. If you want to increase your muscle growth and raise your functional fitness level, it is high time you considered adding compound lifts to your workout routine.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to take your lean muscle mass to another level, you should add compound lifts to your workout routine for muscle growth.

Everything You Need To Know About Compound Lifting

Compound lifting exercises are ideal for anyone who wants to improve their fitness level, cut down excess weight, and build their muscles.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about compound lifts: Why do most fitness trainers recommend compound weight lifting over isolation lifts? How essential is compound lifting to muscle growth, bodybuilding, and general musculoskeletal health?

In this article, you will find out why you should consider compound weight lifting exercises in your fitness journey and the expected benefits.

Why Do Personal Trainers Recommend Compound Weight Lifting?

Many personal trainers in Nigeria and the international fitness industry highly recommend compound weight lifting exercises for muscle growth and bodybuilding.

A compound lift exercise helps improve more than a muscle (or a muscle group) simultaneously during its movement. You can work out several muscle groups simultaneously with compound lifts; this means less time in the gym and more results.

Compound lifting exercises include powerful bodybuilding programs such as squats, deadlifts, and a few others. Here are some of the benefits of adding compound lifts to your workout routine:

1. Compound Lifting is powerful for muscle growth stimulation

Since compound weight lifting stimulates several muscle heads simultaneously, it is ideal for anyone or beginners who finds it challenging to dedicate several hours to working out. With compound lifting, you’re able to lift more and raise your strength level fast.

2. More Power

Compound weight lifting gives you the power to lift heavier weights that will boost your muscle-building journey.

3. You burn more calories

Compound lifting burns more calories because it engages many muscles at the same time. It is useful for a weight loss program where you’re looking to lose fat via calorie deficit without losing muscle mass.

4. Increases your heart rate

When you do compound lifting correctly, it will make raise your heart rate faster than isolated lifts. Working out several muscles at the same time with compound lifts can offer as much benefit as a cardio session.

5. Improves your mobility

Compound lifting improves your overall mobility. The Primary body parts that take part in compound lifting include your ankles, shoulders, hips, wrists, etc. strengthening your joints and the muscles around them give you better mobility and reduces your risk of joint injuries.

Now that you have a good knowledge of compound weight lifting exercises and its benefits let’s talk about the 7 compound weightlifting that is effective for muscle growth and bodybuilding.

The Seven Best Compound Lifts For Maximum Muscle Growth

Now that you have a good knowledge of compound weight lifting exercise and its benefits let’s talk about the seven compound weight lifting exercises that are effective for muscle growth and bodybuilding

1. Deadlifts

Most people are familiar with deadlift sight as a popular compound weight lifting exercise. Deadlifting heavyweights works on almost every muscle group in your body, and this is great for stimulating muscle growth and increasing your body’s hormonal secretion.

Maintain a proper form when doing deadlifts; usually, it is safe to keep your back straight during this exercise. The correct technique is essential in deadlifting because when you get it right, the possibility of injury is reduced, and you can concentrate on building your muscles with heavier weights.

You can strengthen your hamstrings, lower back, glutes, hip flexors, and core muscles with deadlifting.

2. Barbell hip raises

When building your lower body muscles – the hamstring and glutes are very important. Your hamstrings and glutes muscles serve as support when you squat, provide strength when you engage in a deadlift, and a power source when you run.  Simply, this exercise can help you sprint faster, jump higher, and lift heavier weights

It is widely assumed that squats strengthen the hamstring and glutes the most, however, squatting works more on your quads unless you push your weight back. To improve your hamstring and glute, the barbell hip raise is your go-to compound lift; it will help you add muscle mass significantly.

3. Bench press

Bench press exercise is an excellent compound lift for muscle growth around the upper body, particularly the chest region. There are different bench presses like the inclined, flat, and declined versions that recruit muscles of the lower and upper chest.

The Inclined bench press is vital in building your chest muscles, and it creates a balance along with the upper areas of your chest.  You may incline your bench at about a 45-degree angle, but note that every individual’s correct angle will vary due to height and body type differences.

The ideal thing to do is to be aware of your movements and which muscles are stimulated during each rep. This will make it easy for you to determine if you have the correct angle and gives you a better awareness of the muscles you are working on.

The bench press will work your chest muscles, front deltoid, and triceps.

 4. Clean and press

Clean and press is a simpler version of the popular clean and press usually done at the Olympics weight lifting competition. However, it is more advisable for the experienced weight lifters than beginners. It touches many muscle groups simultaneously and helps build your overall physical fitness level.

The clean and press can be explained as a deadlift swiftly followed by a shoulder press. The most challenging phase of the exercise in the middle phase, where you need to adjust your grip on the bar and move from pull to push to raise it above your head.  Flexibility is an additional advantage in this phase because it will help you catch the bar easily after the middle phase transition.

A personal fitness trainer will be of great assistance in mastering the correct form of a clean and press so that you can harness the benefits of this compound weightlifting exercise for fast muscle growth.

Clean and press exercise is excellent for several muscle groups ranging from your upper body muscles to lower body muscles like deltoids, upper chest, lats, traps, triceps, hamstrings, quads, glutes, lower back, core, and hip flexors.

5. Pull-ups

Pull up are the different exercises that can be performed using a pull-up bar, a famous one is the chin-ups. However, all kinds of pull-ups have their benefits once you become adept at it; and it is recommended to mix it up for optimum results.

Pull-ups are ideal for building your back muscles while improving your general body fitness level. The compound lift will also improve and develop your lifting prowess, which offers a range of fitness benefits across board.

Pull-ups are useful for building lats, deltoids, traps, biceps, and core muscles.

6. Parallel dips

Parallel dips is superb for muscle growth across your upper body. However, it needs to be made known that it is not the easiest of exercises, but they are worth it at the end.

There are several kinds of parallel dips; a variation focuses on the chest region and the other works on your triceps. Usually, the affected muscles will depend on the way you position your body.  To get more muscle growth stimulation, you should do the parallel dips with weighted chains that put more pressure on your muscles.

If you have any injury around your shoulder or feel pains in your acromioclavicular joint, you need to stay away from parallel dips with weighted chains to reduce the risk of aggravating your injury or pain. Instead, choose other upper body exercises that are easier on your shoulder.

Parallel Dips is an excellent compound lift to develop your deltoids, triceps, chest, and core muscles.

7. Squats

With the squat, you are able to take on very heavy weights. Weight lifters can squat with weights well above their body weight, and this is excellent stimulation for muscle growth in the lower body.

Squats are not as easy as it seems, you need to maintain the correct form throughout the movement and get your technique right when lifting the weight off the rack.

Squats are an essential compound lift for leg days, lower body workout, or any full-body workout routine.  There are several variations of the squats, like the sumo squats, goblet squats, full squats, and they focus on different muscles of the lower body.

Squats are perfect for building the quads, lower back, glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors, and core muscles.

Accessory Lifts After A Compound Lifts Routine

Compound weight lifting exercises make your training efficient and effective; you can complement the heavy lifting with accessory lifts like working with dumbbells to balance and boost fitness. Additionally, doing some accessory lifting after your compound lifting routine can help you target weaker muscles.    

If you want to build your muscle and get maximum results from your weightlifting exercise, compound lifting is highly recommended for you. However, you should consider hiring a certified personal trainer to quickly achieve your fitness or weight loss goals.