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I’m Olatomide Fadipe

Model, Influencer & Fitness Trainer

Teaching Men How To Look Good And Stay Fit

Men's Lifestyle Blogger

My lifestyle blog for men provides informative content and expert insight into men’s fashion & style, beauty & grooming, fitness, health & wellness, arts and culture.

Personal Fitness Trainer

Get personalised exercise programmes, expert mentoring, nutritional counselling and overall lifestyle management that will give you results fast.

Commercial Model

I model for online product shots, campaign imagery, billboards, TV advertisements and product packaging for fashion, beauty, fitness and many more

Hire a charming and handsome model who is accessible to a wide range of audience to promote your beauty products or men’s accessories today.

Looking for a talent that fits your vision? Let’s talk

Fashion Influencer

If you’re confident of the quality of your fashion and clothing brand, then you need to get your products/services in front of more potential customers.

I’ll help you promote your men’s clothing or accessories, and influence my audience to make a purchase decision.

Fitness Influencer

Do you own a fitness product brand and you’re looking to reach more audience to improve your sales?

I’ll help you showcase your sports and fitness products, gym wears, gym equipment, health & nutritional supplements to my audience and make you more sales.

African Culture Enthusiast

I promote the African Culture and Traditions, showcasing native dressing, hairstyle, accessories and arts.

I enjoy travelling to traditional and historical sites, partaking in popular festivals, visiting royal figures and shrines, and creating content around the African Arts.

Are you a lover of African Culture? See my Arts

Who Can Collaborate With Olamifadipe?

Fashion Designers & Clothing Lines

If you make trendy and stylish clothes or shoes for men and you’re looking to get your fashion design service or clothing line in front of the right audience, you should get in touch.

My audience is classy men looking to spice their fashion style with elegant African native wears, kaftans, joggers, and other casual outfits.

A partnership with me as your brand’s fashion influencer will boost your awareness and generate more sales for you.

Men’s Shoe And Accessories Brand

Every Real Man pays attention to his shoe collection and fashion accessories. Shoe and accessories are not just what I preach, it’s what  I do.

I will help you get the attention of stylish men and make them fall in love with your men’s shoe brand or fashion accessories.

Beauty - Skin & Hair Product Brands

As a fashionista who cares so much about beauty and looks, I love to work with skin and hair product brands who want to reach a bigger audience.

I pay great attention to skin, facial and hair care and I will help you sell your brand with engaging content and amazing testimonials that will move your potential customers to buy your beauty products.

Fitness Product Brands

The marketing team of every fitness brand needs to work with fitness influencers, health and wellness experts and personal trainers who will recommend their products to their clients.  

As a fitness trainer and certified physiologist, I’m open to collaboration with credible brands across Nigeria and the international fitness industry – fitness wears, workout gears, kits, gym & fitness equipment, gym facilities, and fitness supplements brands.


Pictures, they say, speak a million words.  I love to work with creative photographers in the beauty and portrait niche to create magical images. 

As a commercial model and influencer, I help photographers improve their brand credibility, and increase their reach and awareness.

Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist

Are you a professional men’s hairstylist who will like to get your name out there? When it comes to hair styles, I love to try new styles and think outside the box. I will help you create engaging content to drive sales and engagement on your social media profile. I also work with make-up artists who will like to showcase their magical touch on a beauty model.


Olatomide Fadipe - Commercial Model

BKM Clothing

Olatomide Fadipe - Commercial Model

BKM Clothing

Olatomide Fadipe - Commercial Model

Amo Visuals

Olatomide Fadipe - Fitness Model

Amo Visuals

Olatomide Fadipe - Commercial Model

Amo Visuals

Olatomide Fadipe - African Arts Enthusiast

Tosin Arts

Olatomide Fadipe - African Arts Lover

Tosin Arts

Olatomide Fadipe - African Arts Lover

Tosin Arts

What is The Process For Collaboration?

My collaboration process is easy and straight forward. My main focus is to help you achieve your campaign/partnership goals.

1. Contact Me

Send me a message here, on IG @olamifadipe or via email to book my time. (please see my contact page for more info)

2. Discuss Your Campaign/Partnership Objectives

Please, include info about brand and campaign/partnership objectives in the email/message.

3. Get A Feedback/Quote

You will get a quote/feedback from me after discussing and finalising on your campaign/partnership idea. I look forward to working with you.

About Olatomide Fadipe

I’m a commercial model, influencer, and personal fitness trainer in Nigeria. I create inspiring fashion & fitness content and share stories that encourage men to look their best and feel more confident.

I have a bachelor’s degree in physiology and a CPD certification in fitness training.

I’ve loved dressing stylishly and elegantly ever since I can remember. I enjoy expressing myself creatively and showcasing my African style.

As a commercial model and influencer in Nigeria with a deep connection to the African Arts & Culture, I create cultural content and artworks to promote our indigenous arts and traditions.

As a teenager, I found a connection between good looks, an active lifestyle, and a healthy body. The first time I entered the gym, I knew it was…


As a fashion designer, I can say that I’m blessed to have a model, brand influencer, and an advisor just in one contact. I came in contact with olamifadipe just at the point  where I was about giving up on online marketing.

You can’t blame me, the drastic low engagement on instagram these days can be so frustrating on entrepreneurs.

But ever since my collaboration with his brand, things as changed trust me. The numbers now read so fast and most importantly I now have more ‘classy customers’, you know what I mean 😉


Fashion Designer, BKM Clothing

“Working with Olamifadipe was a great experience. We’re a fashion store for men’s clothing in Nigeria, as our commercial model and influencer, he took his time to understand our objectives and delivered as promised. “


Aleemah Store

I’m a professional event and model photographer; my collaboration with Olamifadipe was awesome, creative and mind-blowing.

SBM Photo World


These African Artworks are available in prints with your preferred size of durable artistic frame

Omo Asa - African Arts Available in Prints


A detailed and realistic portrait of a Nigerian born beauty model who is in love with the Yoruba Culture and African Arts.

This creative artwork is inspired by the…

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